By Charlie Frear

The Airgun Technologies Vulcan .22 and .25, these are some of the lightest and shortest bullpups on the market. Airgun Technologies took the Cricket design and made it better. Featuring amidship cocking that can be moved from one side to the other, CZ barrels, Walnut stocks and fully regulated for best shot to shot consistency. This gun weighs in a scant 6.2 pounds and deadly accurate. Call for further details and current pricing.

.25 cal Vulcan

Length:  26.5"

Weight:  6.5 Pounds

Stock weight: 18 ounces

Barrel length:  17 3/4"

Shroud length:  9.5"

Air tube length: 20.5"

Action type:

Amidship cocking bolt action

Can be located on either side.

Mag cap:  9

Trigger pull: 12 ounces

Velocity adjustment:

JSB Exact king 25.4 grain: 

750-920 FPS

Mutant Standard
Length:  27 3/4"
Weight:  7.0 pounds 
Stock weight: 17 ounces 
Barrel length:  18"    
Shroud length:  10 1/8"     
Air tube length:  21"        
Action type: Rear located, side lever. 
Trigger pull:  6.0 ounces
Velocity adjustability: JSB 15.9, 740-980 FPS
                                  JSB  18.1, 750-940 FPS

.22 Cricket Carbine 
Overall length            42"
Length of moderator  8 1/4"
Length of barrel          17"
Length of airtube        18 1/2"
Length of stock           29 1/2"
Length of action          6 7/8" 
Weight                        7.0 pounds 
Velocity range            850 to 970 fps
Price                         $1,561.00

. .25 Cricket Carbine
 Overall length             45 1/4"
 Length of moderator    8 1/4"
 Length of barrel           20"
 Length of airtube         20 1/4"
 Length of stock           29 3/4"
 Length of action           6 7/8"
 Weight                         7.2 pounds
Velocity range             850 to 1000 fps
Power tune
Price                         $1,599.00

.25 Cricket Bullpup 
Length: 33 1/8" 

    Skeleton Stock: 7 pounds 4 ounces

    Syn./ 8 pounds 12 ounces  

Wood/ 8 pounds 4 ounces 
Barrel Length: 22 3/4"
Shroud length:  16.5"
Air tube length:  25 1/4" 
Action Type: 

Side mounted rear located lever action.
Magazine Cap:  12
Trigger pull:  12 ounces
Velocity adjustability:

Approx 920 -950 With JSB King 25.4 grain

The rear gun is a .25 with a power tune and the magazine holder held in place with rare earth magnets, the removable magazine holder installed in the skeleton stock is a $100 option. The Bullpup in the fore ground is a .22 with a skeleton on it. The .25 sells for $1,589.00 with an additional charge of $175.00 with power tune. The .22 with the skeleton is priced at $1,539.00
Every Georgia Airgun comes with a 40 yard five shot, five group test target . Listing pellets tested and velocity's recorded.
Also, you will receive a labeled, complete 0-ring kit x2 rebuilds, a male foster fitting on the fill probe, a crownsaver pullthrough with patches and two extra magazines.

Give me a call, I always like to talk airgunning.
Georgia Airguns "Where Accuracy is Everything"

The Cricket Carbine is the perfect alternative to the Bullpup if you desire a carbine length rifle. The accuracy is of the same legendary quality as the Bullpup because it is nearly the same gun but mounted in a skelotonized carbine stock. The stock boasts an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad that weighs in at a scant 7.0 pounds for the .22 and 7.2 for the .25.
The ergonomics of the forward cocking lever as compared to the Bullpup version make cocking the ultra smooth side lever quick and easy.
With its regulated air delivery and CZ barrel, hitting what you are aiming at will be routine.

The KalibrGun Cricket in both .22 and .25 cal. A tried and tested design with lots of power and accuracy. The .22 standard is very similar in size and performance compared to the Mutant and Vulcan. The .25 due to it's greater barrel length is capable of delivering up to 960 FPS with the JSB 25.4 King. Known for it's amazing accuracy and reliability, this gun makes a great addition to any airgunners arsenal.
Available in both Synthetic and wood stock.   Call for current pricing and availability.

Our Air Guns

Mutant Shorty

Length: 22 3/4"

Weight: 6.4 pounds

Stock weight:  1 pound 12 ounces

Barrel length: 11"

Shroud length: 6"

Air tube length: 16 1/2"

Action type:  Rear mounted side lever

Trigger pull:  6.0 ounces

Velocity adjustability: JSB 15.9, 730-830 FPS
                                  JSB  18.1, 650-810 FPS

Taipan Mutant standard and shorty, featuring a super smooth side lever action, one of the best triggers available and fully regulated for very high and consistent shot count. Available in brown or black stock. Call for details pricing and availability.

 .22 cal Vulcan  
Length:  26.5"   
Weight:  6.5 pounds  
Stock weight:  18 ounces 
Barrel length: 17 3/4"  
Shroud length:  9.5"   
Air tube length:  20.5"  
Action Type:  Amidship mounted bolt action
                     Can be located on either side. 
Mag capacity: 11
Trigger pull:  12.0 ounces
Velocity adjustment: JSB 15.9  770-971 FPS 
                                 JSB 18.1  721-930 FPS

.22 Cricket Bullpup

Shroud Length:  10 3/4"

Length:  27.5"


    Wood /7 pounds 12 oz 

    Skeleton Stock:  6 pounds 12 oz.

    Syn. / 8 pounds 4 oz

Barrel Length:  17"

Action Type:

Side mounted rear located lever action.

Magazine Cap: 14

Trigger pull:  12 ounces

Velocity adjustability:

920-950 FPS with JSB 15.9

850-920FPS with JSB 18.1

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