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By Charlie Frear

Mutant, Vulcan or Cricket fill probe.  $33.00

Male foster fitting $10.00

Burris Signature rings offer the finest and most effective way to mount your scope. Posi-align inserts that come in various thicknesses allow you to effect the elevation and windage of your scope to get it nearly on bullseye without using the turrets. 

This system also allows the scope to stay near it's optical center and allow maximum usage of the turret clicks that remain.

Burris Signature rings are available in 22 MM weaver, for one inch or 30 MM scope tubes in medium or high profile.
One inch
30 MM   

Cricket or Mutant magazine  $33.00 ea.

.22 or .25 caliber

 The Holland Brand Signature Series Anti-Cant scope bubble level is the most compact well designed scope mounted level available. I have tried the others, most of them stick out to far and have sharp edges. The Holland level is compact with smooth edges and it locates just in front and above a side focus knob as you can see in the picture shown. I have these mounted on all my rifles, when looking through your scope you just have to peak your left eye open to get the gun level, you do not have to lift your head and disrupt your shooting position like the other over the tube mounted levels.

Available in one inch or 30 MM 

Vulcan magazine  $40.00 ea.
.22 or .25 caliber

 UTG Quick release rings
The UTG ring offers a solid, top quality but economic choice to mount your scope to you Georgia Airgun. The UTG rings have a soft fiberous lining in the rings to better grab your scope, while also protecting your scope from metal to metal damage.

Available in one inch or 30 MM, medium or high profile.

Cricket Metal Hammer Spring Adjuster  $40.00