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By Charlie Frear


NITROGEN HOSE ASSEMBLIES  MADE IN USA!  Nitrogen tanks are readily available at most welding supply shops and they are usually cheap to rent!  Also, they are 6000 PSI, so you get an amazing amount of fills.  Several of the advantages of a nitrogen tank are: 1) Clean dry air.  2) No filters.  3) No maintenance.  4) No noise.  5) No fuel or electricity.  Also there is no large up front acquisition cost associated with a compressor. If you wish to fill your Carbon Fiber tank from a large Nitrogen tank, this is it.   STAINLESS STEEL tank fitting, STAINLESS STEEL Glycerin Filled Gauge that reads BAR & PSI, Highest Quality STAINLESS STEEL Bleeder with easy to turn knob and 40" x 0.070 inch ID micro-bore hose  with STAINLESS STEEL strain relief at each end and  STAINLESS STEEL "Foster" type quick fill =
$189 + $14.50 shipped priority mail and insured.

     "My take using nitrogen, I have been using the 6000 PSI nitrogen tank with this fill whip for the last three years.  It has proven very easy and 100 percent reliable to use. If you have a welding supply near you that offers you an affordable rental  this is the way to go."   Charlie Frear.

Both packages include a three foot micro bore hose with female quick disconnect on each

end and a single stainless Glycerin-Filled gauge on the valve.
    •    American made 97 Cu Ft Tank (This is the largest 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tank available).
    •    TJ3 SLO-FLO AIRGUN Valve (not a plain SCUBA valve that requires an external assembly that wastes air).
    •    American made 2.5" STAINLESS STEEL Glycerin-Filled Gauge, with BAR & PSI Scales Note: this is the

         largest gauge on any tank, and we don't use multiple adapters to attach it to the tank.
    •    40" Hose STAINLESS STEEL STRAIN RELIEF at each end (never had one kink out of thousands sold),

          highest PSI working pressure on the market.
    •    U.S.A. made Stainless Steel foster brand female quick disconnect on both ends STANDARD (not a hidden option) .
    •    Available with optional 2nd gauge (patent pending) that constantly shows pressure inside the Great White.

For your information the fill setups that I have here at Georgia Airguns are all a single gauge type.
The tank above is my 97 Cu Ft (550 Cu In) 4500 PSI AIR TANK called the "Great White". They are very light, weigh less than 12 Lbs, & Measure under 21" long by 7" diameter (sans valve).  This is the largest 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tank available. If you have an FX Rifle with 180 CC Air Tube (and you re-fill from 2000 to 3000 PSI), you would get about 75 refills with the "Great White" tank. If you have a Marauder , you would get about 62.8 refills (if you re-fill from 2000 to 3000 PSI).  Note: All of my Tanks with Hose Assemblies will connect directly to the Shoebox Compressor and will also fill a Marauder or Discovery with No Extras to buy! The Great White is the largest size tank offered and our most  popular because you eventually save money making less trips to the SCUBA shop.

Nitrogen fill whip assembly

Customizable pluck to fit foam
Heavy duty Dri-Loc® gasket keeps out the elements
Dual-stage lockable latches
Exterior 40" x 16" x 5.5"
Interior 37" x 13" x 5"
Pluckable Interior 33.5" x 10.25"

Price: $130. with one attachment
$50. Per each additional attachment (gun vice or shooting rest)
Georgia AirGuns special pricing $10 flat shipping

CTK Preicion Gun devices/ Shooting Rest

The perfect tool for any gun owner, the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is great for gun maintenance, gun cleaning and boresighting!

Designed to accommodate both rifles and pistols, the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is the most versatile gun vise available. Adding to that versatility is the optional Shooting Rest Attachment, which converts the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise into a shooting rest in seconds.

The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is equipped with a three point leveling system and thumb locks that ensure stability. The horizontally telescoping Rear Vise adjusts to all firearms, rifles and pistols. The wide telescoping Front Y Rest adjusts vertically to fit all firearms. Both the Rear Vise and the front Y Rest are covered with high quality closed cell PVC foam for long lasting durability.

GREAT WHITE 97 Cu Ft of Air!

$718. without armor up package.
$816. WITH armor up

Plano All weather Gun Case

Plano's All Weather™ gun cases protect your firearms from damage and the elements. With rugged, industrial strength construction and a continuous Dri-Loc® Seal, All Weather™ cases create watertight and airtight shields that protect your guns even in the most extreme conditions. And with heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches and a built-in pressure valve, the cases are designed to withstand the continuous bumping and jarring of airline travel.

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Specs and Features:

Construction: Heavy-duty steel construction.
Finish: Durable E-coat finish inside and out.
Length: 25”
Width: 18”
Weight: 8.69 lbs

Weight with tubes filled with #9 lead shot: 25lbs
Three point leveling system and thumb locks ensure stability.
Rear Vise adjusts to accommodate both rifles and pistols.
Front Y Rest adjusts vertically to fit all firearms.
Closed cell PVC foam on Rear Vise and Front Y Rest is solvent safe, durable and protects firearms.
Protective rubber feet won’t harm work surface.
Optional Attachments:

Shooting Rest Attachment: Converts the Gun Vise to a Shooting Rest in seconds.
Pistol Post Add-On: Great for laser grip pistols and short barrel revolvers.

Perfect for gun maintenance, gun cleaning, and boresighting.
Convenient hook for holding cleaning rod.
Made in the USA!